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This was a virtual kitchen refresh project for a client in London, U.K.

 Full disclosure: The items recommended may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won't pay a penny more, but Aura-Ganize will get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!


This pull-out larder just needed a refresh in terms of function and understanding which items need to be easier to access. Some items were relocated in order to make full use of this space.


Larder before picture


Coordinated glass jars

1. Repurposed glass jars provided the perfect solution and look for grains and lentils. For something similar, consider this Glass Jar set with bamboo lids.


3. The turntable allows easy access to oils and sauces and also contains any spills/drips. 

Tiered spice rack

2. This tiered spice rack makes it easier to see and access all the spices.

Stackable storage containers

4. Coordinated stackable storage fully utilizes the vertical  space on the shelf.


Larder after organizing

This cupboard in the utility room was edited to put lesser used items towards the top and more frequently accessed items within easier reach.


Utility cupboard 1 before picture
Utility cupboard before picture


Tiered spice rack

1. A tiered spice rack was added to allow a better view of what's in stock. The client had a great set of coordinated jars to give it a great look!

Clear stackable storage containers

2. The snacks are sorted using these stackable clear bins. This aids in knowing what's in stock and for the kids to be able to access.

Tiered spice rack

3. This tiered spice rack allows for better sight lines of canned products. 


Utility room cupboard 1 after organizing

Categorizing these miscellaneous items has made access easier and will prevent over-buying or opening up duplicate items. 



Utility room cupboard 2 before organizing
White plastic storage basket set

1. This economical storage basket set groups and stores lesser used and over stock items very well. The handles make them easier to pull out and access what's inside.


Utility cupboard 2 after organization


We used Aura-Ganize recently over a video call to help with organising our kitchen and utility room units. Ushma captured all of our requirements and then came back with a detailed proposal. This included storage solutions and where to purchase them including local (U.K.) links. We wanted to reuse existing storage and recycle jars where we could and there was no pressure to buy everything new. 

We were very happy with the professional service received and we have now been inspired to organise the rest of the house.

Thank you so much for your help and great ideas.  Reshma P 

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