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Fully vaccinated against Covid-19
Fully insured

Hi! My name is Ushma Agrawal and decluttering and organizing is my purpose. I want to help people feel the relief and optimism that getting organized can bring.


I am a British expat, living in the US, with strong ties in both countries. I have spent decades in corporate America managing programs, projects, and partnerships for Fortune 500 companies, but my true passion is turning chaotic spaces into functional areas, thereby re-energizing them to better fit their purpose. I have an MBA and I am a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), which is especially useful when handing complex organization endeavors.

I am based in North Potomac (Montgomery County), Maryland and I service the greater DMV area.

Connect with me to discuss how I can help you declutter, get organized, and make space in your life for productivity and positivity.


My approach to organizing projects starts with listen to your needs with kindness and compassion. I would never force anyone to part with something they don't want to.

I believe space encourages energy to flow. My goal will be to help you achieve function, ease, 
and peace in your space. I understand that letting go of things can be difficult and it's my goal to help you through that part of the process, if needed, with sensitivity, understanding, and respect. I would never judge you or your home.

The joy I get from helping someone organize is something I want to share because it can feel 
like a new beginning and the start of endless possibilities. Here are some feelings that getting organized can bring:

Hope...that getting organized will allow you to focus on other things you want/need to get to
Relief...that a burden has been lifted and you have the function you need in your life
Accomplished...if you can cross organizing off your list, what else can you achieve?
Worthy...everyone deserves to live and work in a space that is organized and functional
Supported...sometimes you need a helping hand or a seasoned professional to take on the tasks that you don't have capacity or expertise for

I understand that there are other Professional Organizers out there. I am asking you to take a leap of faith with me because organizing isn't just my job...after 20+ years in corporate America, I realize that it's my calling. I want to help people directly. Understanding how busy life can get with home / family / work / social 
commitments / activities I know I can help bring structure and clarity to some of the areas in your life that may be burdening you.

like to start my organization projects with a 5 minute guided meditation. The client is free to join, if they wish. I use the meditation to bring myself to the present moment and ensure my mind is in the right space for the work ahead. I hope my energy and approach will ensure you have a pleasant and positive experience with Aura-Ganize.

Connect with me to get your organizing projects completed

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