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Spring Cleaning and Repurposing

Updated: Jan 23

There's something about the springtime that brings about excitement, hope, and a positive outlook. It's a time when we think about gardening, clearing out weeds to plant new flowers and bushes, and making space for nature to rejuvenate. It's the same indoors too. I remember as a child, my mum would start her spring cleaning projects, one by one, to freshen up the inside of the home. We would declutter, clean, and organize. All the windows would be opened to let in a breeze and allow the whole house get some fresh air.

I love this time because even though I really detest gardening of any kind, it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment having done the weeding, planting feeding, grass seeding, and mulching with my family. I find myself being grateful that I am physically able to do the work and be outside and I enjoy hearing the screams of excitement when the kids find a frog in a tree (whom we named "Hoppy"), or a snake in the tree bed out back (named "Screamy") - those screams were less excitement and more horror, though. These are stories we will remember for years to come.

New Projects

What I am most looking forward to this year is the indoor work. I have spied a project with my hallway closet that I am excited to kick off at some point. It will mean breaking out the crowbar, paint, and power drill and I can't wait! The feeling of starting and finishing a project like that is, for me, the best feeling in the world. The hallway closet has one hanging rail and a shelf. Now, there are 4 of us that need to hang our coats in there and no way near enough space. The plan is to remove the shelf and rail, patch it, sand it, paint it, and then install a higher shelf and double hanging rods. We don't have that many long hanging coats, so the double rod should allow us to fit twice as many jackets and coats and really making the most of the space we have.

Optimizing Space

Optimizing space is something that I love, but I also try to be cognizant of what I am purchasing and reusing as much as possible. Luckily, I have two daughters, so many items like coats/jackets can always be reworn by my younger one and then passed on to my nieces. In fact, we have clothing items that my older niece wore when she was a toddler that was worn by her younger sister, both my girls, and now my toddler niece. That older niece is now in college and the younger one isn't yet 3. If the clothes/items are in good shape and well-kept, they can last a very long time. It's also nostalgic to see the toddler in an item that my kids used to wear at that age - it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside and reminds me how fast they grow.

Create Space for Energy to Flow

As you begin your spring cleaning projects this year, think about growth and what that means for you. Are there items in your home that no longer serve their purpose? Can that space be optimized or just left open? Not every nook and cranny of your home needs items and decoration pieces. Sometimes, just having space for energy to flow is a good thing.

Give it a New Home

When you do come across an item you no longer need/want, it's very likely that there is someone else who could make really good use of it. Consider donating it or even giving it away to a neighbor. Groups such as Buy Nothing (city name) are very popular on Facebook. My lovely neighbor invited me to our local group and it's so nice to see a quick and easy way to remove items that are no longer needed in the home, but will go to someone who can use it and truly wants it. There are some items charities will not take, but with Buy Nothing (city name) someone in your community may be able to take it off your hands and give it a fresh start - and I think 2021 really does deserve some fresh starts! Look to see if there is a Buy Nothing group in your area as it's a great way to give things that no longer fit your space, a new home.

Here's to a new season and fresh starts!

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